Sierra isn’t just returning, they’re bringing more Geometry Wars with them

by: Jeremy -
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There has been a ton of news flowing out of the Gamescom conference this week, but this announcement seems to be getting overshadowed. Not only is Activision resurrecting the Sierra brand, but they have a whole new Geometry Wars in tow!

Geometry Wars: Dimensions is headed to both the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, PS3, and the PS4 courtesy of this new incarnation of Sierra. I am a huge fan of the series, dumping countless hours into both of the games released thus far and have no doubt that I will do the same for the third. Things are changing quite a bit though as IGN has pointed out in their preview.

Although is isn’t being handled by Bizarre Creations, the game is coming from a studio founded by former members of the original creators. The whole concept is getting fleshed out a bit as the game features a full, 50-level campaign across evolving stages. There will also be cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes and challenge levels similar to what was done in the second game.

The biggest change for the series though is that it is moving from a 2 dimensional plain to a 3D one, similar to something like Super Stardust. The “shape” of the levels change over time as you progress, which should make the constant game of cat and mouse with the enemy more exciting than ever. Hopefully we will get to see a trailer or video of the game in action soon as well as details on when we will be seeing the game.

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