The Golf Club is almost here to fill the void left by PGA Tour

by: Sean Cahill -
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This year was a downer for fans of golf games, specifically PGA Tour from EA Sports. Golf fans, you may want to turn your attention away from the franchise getting a makeover and pay attention to HB Studio's The Golf Club, which is slated for release on Xbox One via Live on August 19.

Why should you consider this title?  How about the ability to create your own golf course from scratch?  Yes, included on all versions of the title, which includes PC and Playstation 4 down the road, fans of the links will be able to craft their own brutal golf course, deciding the terrain, type of greens, bunkers, foliage, etc.  There hasn't been an addition like this in a very long time.

Check out the trailer for The Golf Club and look for it on Xbox Live next week!

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