Gamescom 2014: Why yes, I will gladly play Tearaway (Unfolded) again on the PS4

by: Jeremy -
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I really wasn’t expecting this announcement out of Sony’s press conference yesterday at Gamescome, but Media Molecule’s fantastic Vita title Tearaway is coming to the PS4. The game, to be titled Tearaway Unfolded, is more than just a straight port of the original game, but an extended “retelling” of the adventure. The game, which relied heavily on the Vita’s camera and touch screen abilities, has been completely rebuilt in order to take advantage of the Dualshock 4. Plus, it is going to look a whole lot better running at a full 1080P resolution at 60fps.

I reviewed the Vita game last November and was completely sucked into its imaginative world. The game did a fantastic job of putting nearly every single capability of Sony’s little handheld to good use to tell an engaging and entertaining tale. I do have some concerns regarding some of the mechanics translating well to the PS4, but if anyone can put my worries at ease it is Media Molecule. I am curious as to whether the game will require the PS Eye for the PS4, given how much the Vita’s cameras were used in the game; plus their functionality fueled a huge part of the game’s story. Time will tell on how it ends up in the living room, but the trailer below has be extremely hopeful. I cannot wait to play through this one again!

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