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New PS4 SharePlay feature will let you share your games with friends

by: Jackie -
More On: PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 2.0 system update has an upcoming feature that just may tempt some people to out and buy it.  A new feature called SharePlay will let users share games on the PS4 library with friends as if they were sitting on a couch next to each other in the living room. The idea of people virtually sharing games as if they were in the same room is revolutionary and unheard of for any game console out there today so let's just hope the execution is on par with the vision. Is may only be limited to co-op games in order to create a local couch co-op experience but it's still better than nothing.

Would this feature actually do better or worse things for the gaming industry?  Would game sales rapidly decline if people weren't forced to buy another copy of a game just to play it with a friend?  Questions no one will know the answers to until the PS4 2.0 system update is released this fall.