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Dead Rising 3 will have more to offer in the PC release

by: Jackie -
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Dead Rising 3

Starting off as an Xbox One exclusive title, Dead Rising 3 will be branching out and be playable on PC sometime in the future and it will be available as an exclusive Apocalypse Edition. But if you've already played the game on Xbox, do you have incentive to play it again on a different system? Developer Capcom Vancouver explains how the PC version will have more to offer than the Xbox One ever did.

Full graphics options: As with any standard PC game, the player can go into the graphic settings and tweak it every which way they want.  This will be no different for Dead Rising 3.  The game on Xbox One runs natively at 720p and is locked at a mere 30fps. This limit will not be there for players who have a good gaming computer.  The game will run smoother and look more beautiful for PC gamers with a nice rig.

DLC:  The Apocalypse Edition of the game will include all four "Untold Stories of Los Perdidos" downloadable content episodes. New weapons, characters, vehicles, costumes and more will be available in the DLC.  

Mod Support:  One of the biggest reasons why many prefer to play on PC is the ability to play a modded version of their game. Whether its the Nude Zoey mod on L4D or any Elder Scrolls mod, there is no negative to the modding community and gives the gamer more bang for their buck. 

Steam Integration: If you're one of the many obsessed with collecting steam trading cards, then you can sleep happy because DR3 will have full steam support and integration.  No cross-platform play will be available.

Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition will be released via Steam on September 5. However, if you have no doubt you will love slaughtering zombies with a dildo gun while prancing around in a servbot helmet then you can pre-order it now on Steam for 10% off.