Gamescom 2014: Kalypso announces Grand Ages: Medieval

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Kalypso Media at Gamescom has revealed an in-development real-time strategy game titled Grand Ages: Medieval, being created by developer Gaming Mind Studios. The game is set during the High Middle Ages in which a period of rapid change and growth is occuring in Europe. Players begin with a small settlement and work to advance their society into a full-fledged empire.

The game map takes place over 30 million square kilometres in which players will be able to settle new cities, defend their lands, raise armies, establish trade networks, and research various technologies. The complete list of features include:

  • Explore a gigantic game world of over 30 million square kilometres, plot strategically where to found important cities and defend your kingdom against foreign powers
  • Raise an army and fight your opponents with knights, archers, and cavalry
  • Produce and trade 20 different goods to meet the demands of your citizens and soldiers: such as coal, fruits, and pottery
  • Research and utilise 50 major technological advancement of the Middle Ages: including the three-field crop rotation, the low warp loom, or the longbow
  • Face devastating natural disasters like storms, fires, volcanoes, droughts, earthquakes, or even the Black Death
  • Challenging Multiplayer Mode for up to 8 players via network and online

Grand Ages: Medieval will be available in 2015 for PC.

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