Kalypso brings more dungeon management with Dungeons 2 in 2015

by: Russell -
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I haven't delved too much into the dungeon-management genre of games, only having played Dungeon Overlord on Facebook a couple of years ago.  However, if you enjoyed Kalypso's original Dungeons back in 2011, then you'll be interested to know that they plan to release a sequel, appropriately titled Dungeons 2, next year.

In Dungeons 2 you'll fulfill the Dungeon Lord's quest for vengeance by recruiting monsters from all over the underworld to do his bidding.  However, ruling the underworld isn't enough, so this time around the Dungeon Lord also plans to rule over overworld as well.  To do this you'll have to create and maintain a network of dungeons to defend the Dungeon Lord against the humans.  As long as there's no having to constantly log in to maintain your upkeep (ie. log in every day or your creatures die), this might be something to look into.


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