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WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Ultimate, NEW images and video

by: Cassandra -
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The first XBOX ONE footage for WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Ultimate has been released featuring the all new Duel Mode. It allows players to select warriors of their choice for 3 vs 3 battle against others Online or locally or against AI. Four unlockable Strategy cards can be armed to boost abilities, heal or deal a disadvantage to the opponent.  

There will also be other modes like the all-new Gauntlet mode in which players create a party of up to five warriors and engage in missions on an ever-evolving dynamic battlefield. Gauntlet mode allows players to either upload their party or download another player’s for 2 player co-op or standalone gameplay.

Also keep your eyes peeled, WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Ultimate will have guest appearances and stages with some of your favorite characters from DYNASTY WARRIORS and SOULCALIBUR.


WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Ultimate is set to release on September 2, 2014.

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