Fight crime in upcoming Enforcer: Justice Law Order

by: Travis -
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Publisher Excalibur and developer Odin Game Studio have partnered to publish it's upcoming third person action simulator Enforcer: Justice Law Order. The game has players taking the role of a police officer in the Mountain Valley Police Department and tasked with eliminating an ever-growing criminal threat. Players will be able to explore a large open world in which they must manage both their crime fighting and off duty lives.

Odin Game Studio Founder Alexandre Kikuchi commentated on the publishing partnership, "Having focused our business on developing very successful advergames and apps for the past two years, we have taken that experience and produced a very good PC action simulation game in Enforcer: Justice Law Order. Working with Excalibur will enable us to broaden our success and deliver our game ideas to a much larger audience.”

Enforcer: Justice Law Order will be available this October for PC and Mac.

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