Ganondorf is a playable dual-wielding badass in Hyrule Warriors

by: Jeff -
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Remember way back when EGM did an April Fools joke that Wind Waker was getting a gritty remake with graphics similar to Twilight Princess, and way too many people fell for it? Well, looks like Team Ninja decided that was a pretty good idea, since  Ganondorf in Hyrule Warriors looks like a mix between the two versions of the antagonist, with a sprinkling of his Super Smash Bros. incarnation. Oh, and by the way, he's going to be a playable character.

I repeat: Ganon is going to be a playable character in a game that isn't Super Smash Bros. The more I learn about Hyrule Warriors, the more ridiculous it seems. And the more I can't wait to play it.

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