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Last week, I posted about half of a half-game called Even the Ocean, it was supposed to be two games that worked together to present a whole story. Even would be about the everyday adventures of a woman named Even, where you would navigate her interactions and daydreams as a platforming game. The Ocean was to be one of her reoccurring dreams. In The Ocean, you play as a mechanic named Aliph who has to repair the power plants around her seaside city. It's a straight-up platformer that has you fighting against the environment instead of hordes of faceless goons.

If you couldn't tell by my shifting tense in the last paragraph, the devs behind Even the Ocean have decided to scrap the double game idea. The daydream-platformer portion of the gamehas been cut, and they will focus on making the duality-centered dream sequence.  If you read through their Devblog, it's evident that this has been a long time coming. They've worked themselves to the point of exhaustion and Repetitive Stress Injuries, so it was about time to recheck the scope of the game.

I played through the demo of the previously-only-half-game-but-now-demo-for-the-full-game, and really enjoyed it. I'm glad that we'll get to see it sooner, since they won't have to work on a whole new game after their done with it. But I am sad to see Even scrapped- I was really intrigued by the concept of navigating through someone's stream of consciousness as a series of platforming challenges. I pictured it as a mash-up of The Floor is Jelly and You Were Made For Loneliness, and I might have gotten myself a little too worked up about a game that doesn't exist.

[picture taken from Even the Ocean's devlog]

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