Mega Man Unlimited v1.2.0 now available with three new modes and stages

by: Russell -
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If you've ever played the fan game Mega Man Unlimited and thoroughly enjoyed it like I did, you might wonder how it can get any better.  Well, MegaPhilX has the answer with Mega Man Unlimited v1.2.0.  With this comes three new features in addition to the Easy and Instant Kill modes from v1.1.

  • Endless Attack Mode
    • If you've played Endless Mode from Mega Man 9 and 10, its the same thing.  The goal is to clear as many screens as possible and fight the occasional Robot Master while having access to all weapons.  However, a new challenge is thrown in where you'll take additional damage after every ten Robot Masters you defeat. 
  • Endless Boss Attack Mode
    • Same as Endless Attack Mode, but you only fight the Robot Masters. 
  • Whirlpool Man Stage
    • Yep, just like in Mega Man 9 and 10 as well there's a new Robot Master stage.  You'll start with three extra lives and will have all weapons available to you for this stage.  Once defeated you'll receive the Water Canon special weapon and can use it in the main game.  However, Whirlpool Man can't be fought in the main game itself.

Head on over to MegaPhilX's website to download the latest version of the game.  As a side note, save files and options files from prior versions are compatible with v1.2.0, so keep that in mind when installing the game.


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