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Hyrule Warriors will have local co-op, but no online co-op

by: Sam -
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Nintendo and Koei Tecmo are holding a Nintendo Direct to reveal more details about their upcoming crossover title Hyrule Warriors on August 4th at 8:00 p.m. PT, but the game's developers decided to release some new info a few days earlier on Twitter. Earlier today the game's official Twitter account tweeted that the game will have no online co-op, meaning that if you want to play the story mode with a friend they better be able to make it to your house for some couch co-op. This is strange, considering that all of the recent Dynasty Warriors games have had online co-op (even the portable ones). Hopefully this is something that can be changed if the fans are vocal enough.

I can't imagine why online co-op isn't being included, especially since this game is perfect for it. Online co-op could have been the final straw that put Hyrule Warriors into the "buy" category for me, but without it I don't know if I see a reason to pick this up and try to convince my friends to come over. 

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