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Flappy Bird is back, but only on Amazon Fire

by: Sam -
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After taking his ultra popular game off iOS and Android indie developer Dong Nguyen promised that Flappy Bird would make a return, and now it has but not in a place people were expecting. The once popular mobile game has been renamed Flappy Birds Family, and is now an Amazon Fire exclusive. If you haven't heard of it, Amazon Fire is a game console/streaming device released by Amazon earlier this year. The game is still free, and has more characters, obstacles, and modes that its predecessor. 

I was actually looking forward to checking out the new modes in Flappy Birds Family until I found out I couldn't get it on my iPhone. I wonder what Amazon has to do to get that exclusive. I can't imagine the game will find as big of a following on Amazon Fire, but who knows maybe there are some hardcore Flappy fans who will buy the console just to play the new version. 

Thanks Kotaku!