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How do the Mortal Kombat X character variations differ?

by: Jeremy -
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When Mortal Kombat X was shown off back at E3, one of the biggest surprises that Ed Boon and company had up their sleeves were the character variations. The inclusion of this mechanic will add quite a bit of variety to what will undoubtedly already be a diverse cast of fighters. Many gamers, including myself, have been curious as to just how much these variations will alter the characters abilities and styles. NetherRealm understands this and is starting to shed some light on just how the characters will be altered given your choice of style / variation.

The official Mortal Kombat X Facebook page, has started releasing images that profile and explain the different choices for some of the characters. So far, they have posted information for both Sub-Zero and D’vorah. The images also allow you to see the slight visual differences that exist between the variations as well. You can check out the official images below, but let’s run down their explanations:

  • Grandmaster Sub-Zero: “In his Grandmaster variation, Sub-Zero can generate ice clones that improve his trapping abilities. These clones freeze opponents on contact and can also be used as projectiles.”
  • Unbreakable Sub-Zero: “This variation is focused on defense. To counter rushdowns, Sub-Zero possesses the ability to create ice shields that freeze opponents in their tracks. He can also create ice armor which helps to reduce chip damage.”
  • Cryomancer Sub-Zero: “This variation gives Sub-Zero the ability to create ice weapons. Armed with hammers, swords and daggers, Cryomancer is ideal for a fast paced rushdown style of play.”
  • Brood Mother D’vorah: “This variation gives D’vorah the ability to launch a crawling minion that locks down her opponent. D’vorah can then maneuver into close range and attack with relative ease.”
  • Swarm Queen D’vorah: “In this variation D’vorah has the ability to summon a wasp tornado, lifting opponents into the air. She can also throw explosive bug bombs. These moves are excellent zoning tactics. Special moves in the Swarm Bee variation can also be used as combo openers.”
  • Venomous D’vorah: “In this variation, all of D’vorah’s ovipositor attacks poison the opponent and are highly effective for rushdowns. This variation also allows for better chip damage and tactically matches up well against strong defensive opponents.”