Pre-order Hatoful Boyfriend, the only pigeon-dating sim you'll ever need

by: Randy -
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Circle August 21 on your calendars, because this is about love. True love. Pigeon love. If you only play one pigeon-dating sim this year, make it Hatoful Boyfriend

You heard me. Hatoful Boyfriend is a visual novel/dating sim where all your prospective romances are birds—and it's up for pre-order on Steam at the standard 10% off. (Hey, anybody that romanced Garrus in Mass Effect can't say nothin'. That dude is pretty much a bird, too.) Chuck Huseman, our editor in chief, couldn't explain it, but he had a blast with Hatoful Boyfriend at E3 anyway.

Of course it's absurdist. And of course we're trying to get our hands on some review code.

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