15 years later, modders bring the Dreamcast to the HDD-age

by: Jeremy -
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To this day, the Dreamcast has been my favorite console off all that I have ever owned. Sega’s under-appreciated machine created some of my favorite gaming memories during my college years. Anyways, the system still lives on to this day, despite dying commercially many, many years ago, thanks to the efforts of modders and hackers around the world. According to SEGAbits, the latest advancement that has come to the system is the ability to run and save your software off of a hard disk akin to modern consoles.

It is pretty cool to see this sort of support come to the system and should breath a little bit of life into the Dreamcast scene. I don’t have a system any more, but I might consider tracking one down now after seeing this. A hard drive would be great for managing your saves and add-on content for the games rather than juggling an assortment of VMU’s. There are some games that are having problems, but then again, this is just the beginning of this advancement.

Long live the Dreamcast! 9-9-99

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