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Destiny wraps up as the biggest beta in history.

by: Sean Cahill -
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If the beta of Destiny has done anything right, it's brought together people from around the world.

The highly anticipated beta finished up on Sunday, and we here at Gaming Nexus put in our time on just about every version available.  The beta has only left everyone wanting more, and for good reason, considering how many people it has touched.

An astounding 4.6 million people played the beta across all consoles, which has to be exciting for those involved at Bungie.  It's hard to believe that just 14 years ago, this was the group who was hanging their hopes on ONI doing well upon launch of the PS2.  Of course, it all changed when Halo: Combat Evolved came out in 2001.  Now that the reigns of Halo have been handed over to 343 IndustriesDestiny is the only thing that Bungie has, and it looks like everything is beautiful in their future.

Destiny launches on September 3, 2014, and from what we've played thus far, it's a true GOTY candidate.