LBP3 sets a course for November 18

by: Jeremy -
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One of the games that got me really excited back at E3 was the surprise announcement of LittleBigPlanet 3. Granted, we all knew that it would be coming eventually, but I never thought that we would see the game this year. The game was targeted for a Holiday 2014 release but this week we have learned the exact date of its release. The game will hit both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 3 on November 18, 2014. In addition to launching on that day, Sony has also outlined a variety of goodies coming with the game via pre-order incentives.

The main pre-order item coming with the came is a limited edition Sackboy plushie, something I have always wanted to have sitting on top of my desk. Target will be offering an exclusive hat with their version of the plushie and the quantities on this incentive is limited, so get your preorder in early at your favorite store. The day 1 edition of the PS4 version will also be getting a Dragon Age: Inquisition costume pack as wells the Players Pack, which features soe of your favorite PlayStation-themed characters.

Costume packs are also going to be offered for more than just Sackboy; OddSock, Toggle, and Swoop are getting their own threads as well. Gamestop will offer the Mythical Creatures costume pack for the characters which includes making Swoop a fiery phoenix. Best Buy will have the Hidden Creatures Costume Pack which, among others, turns Toggle into a sasquatch. Amazon is also joining in on the fun with the PlayStation Favorites Costume Pack, which features themed costume sets from games like LocoRoco and Sly Cooper.

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