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Zen Pinball 2 delayed on the Xbox One, but that's so you can import tables from the 360

by: John -
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Good news everybody! When Zen Pinball 2 was announced for the Xbox One, there was this little elephant in the room known as not being able to import tables purchased on the 360. That would have meant that you would have to buy all your old tables again.

Well, that's not the case any longer. Zen will let you import tables from your Xbox 360, but there's a small price. Zen Pinball 2 will now be delayed until sometime in August.

I don't think anyone's going to complain that a delay will let you play your old tables you have on the 360. That's pretty good of Zen to nip this in the bud and make it possible. The Xbox One version was the only one lacking cross-buy and now, Zen's going to make it right when the game is released in August.\

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