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Power changes everything according to the COD: Advanced Warfare story trailer

by: Chuck -
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The first story trailer for Call of Duty:Advanced Warfare is now out in the wild and it's an interesting change for the series.  In the aftermath of a global terrorist attack the US government reaches out to Atlas, a private military company (PMC), to help protect the country and rebuild.  Over time the company takes over a lot of the functions of government which isn't something you want a private company to do.

It's an interesting take on how the current US government uses PMC's to augment its forces overseas but taken several levels beyond that.  

The trailer is chock full of new gamplay footage and lots of Kevin Spacey chewing up scenery.  I'm almost willing to bet that Atlas is behind the attacks at some level but we'll find out for sure once the game is released in November. Until then enjoy the trailer and post your speculation about the plot in the comments.

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