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SMITE is having tons of sales this weekend and an opportunity to get more free gems

by: Nathan -
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Hi Rez continues to show how awesome they are as SMITE will be having more sales this weekend. 

First up, from now until Sunday, July 27th, if you buy gem packs, you will get a free booster to go with it. Boosters will increase the amount of Favor, XP and Worshipers for each match. 

  • God Pack - 30 Day Booster
  • 400 Gems - 1 Day Booster
  • 800 Gems - 3 Day Booster
  • 1500 Gems - 2x3 (6) Day Booster
  • 2500 Gems - 15 Day Booster
  • 3500 Gems - 30 Day Booster
  • 8000 Gems - 2x30 (60) Day Booster

Also, from now until Saturday all voice packs are 50% off. Normally voice packs cost 200 gems so for the next few days they will 100 gems. 

Finally, on Sunday, July 27th, you have the opportunity to win some free gems. Every first win of the day bonus you receive 40 gems meaning you could win up to 320 free gems. 

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