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News Roundup: Total Xtreme War Rally

by: Randy -
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News gathers slow this time of year.  Check out what trickled into our inbox:
  • Buckle up for the single-player demo of Xpand Rally Xtreme.  It looks like your car takes on an xtreme amount of damage modeling.
  • Even heroes need a little patching:  Heroes of Annihilated Empires gets a 1.1 patch.  (International variants get theirs here.)
  • Killer Betties only get luke warm when thinking about Medieval 2: Total War.
  • "So You Want to Be an MMO Developer?"  Part 3 of 4 from the Vanguard Community Manager, Nick Parkinson, is up for pondering.
Thanks to Atomic Gamer, Killer Betties, and MMORPG.com for today's News Roundup.