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The E3 presentation of The Sims 4 in its entirety

by: John -
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Travis was privy to The Sims 4 presentation at E3 and liked what he saw. But what if you couldn't make it to E3? 

No problem as EA has gone and put up their entire E3 presentation for everyone to see. It's not from the convention, but two of the game's development team walks you through what they showed at E3.

It's about 15 minutes of gameplay and you'll get a good idea of how the game looks and some of the new features that will be available. I like how a lot of the interface has been streamlined and the ability to get new content while in the game and place in your instance without having to exit The Sims 4.

September 2nd will be the date you can pick up the game for the PC and Mac.