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The Joy of God of War

by: Chuck -
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After watching the Jackets get jobbed last night by the Wild I was looking for something to burn off a little frustration and since I had borrowed John's copy of God of War yesterday I decided to put it in the PS3 and fire it up.  I had been looking forward to playing the game since it came out but with the PS3 coming out I didn't want to plunk down the bucks for a PS2 just to play one or two games before the PS3 came out.

So far I'm two hours in and the game is everything I expected it to be and more.  The game is a ton of fun and the scope and story behind the game are amazing.  I'm around the end of the second level of the game and I'm having a ton of fun.  There's really nothing like ripping the head off a gorgon to perk up your day.

Actually playing the game on a PS3 is an interesting experience.  The first step you have to do before you can play any PS2 game on your PS3 is create a virtual memory card on your hard drive.  The thought of creating a 8MB virtual memory card on a 60 GB hard drive is a little amusing to me but it does work out pretty well.  The fact that the PS3 doesn't do anything to the graphics of the PS2 games is pretty evident but it really doesn't matter as the game is a ton of fun.  Sure there are a bunch of jaggies but  the gameplay is so tight and focused that it really doesn't matter that much (although this should be on Sony's to fix list at some point).  I guess this might be another validation for Nintendo's strategy for the Wii or not but I'm having a lot of fun.
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