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Bungie removes infamous "That wizard came from the moon!" line from Destiny beta

by: Randy -
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Several members of the Gaming Nexus crew are in the PS4's Destiny beta this weekend. I watched them Twitch a good session already. I have some serious new-gen-console envy, but there was something that disappointed me about the Destiny beta: Peter Dinklage's voiceover redo.

Peter Dinklage, aka Game of Thrones' Tyrion Lannister, is the voice of Destiny's Ghost, your floating robotic eye companion thingy. Dinklage recorded some now-famously bad voiceover work during the game's alpha. It sounded like he was reading the script for the first time and couldn't believe how bad the writing was.

Well, his original voiceover work garnered alpha-tester disdain, so developer Bungie decided to tweak it. Now that they've tweaked it, people (myself included) are missing the terrible, original recordings. 

Arekkz Gaming has done a comparison of the voiceover work between the alpha and the beta. The worst offense Bungie commits is that they utterly remove the line, "That wizard came from the moon!" Some developers just don't know a keeper when they hear one.