Take a real-life Assassin's Creed 25-foot leap of faith during Comic-Con

by: Randy -
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So, Ubisoft now has a guy whose job title is Chief Parkour Officer. His name is Michael Zernow. And in association with the Tempest Freerunning Academy, Ubisoft is setting up something called The Assassin's Creed Experience.

The Experience takes place during San Diego Comic-Con (July 24–27). They'll be setting up a parkour course that looks like it'd serve as a training run for that American Ninja Warrior show. 

You'll be climbing walls, swinging from poles, and even taken a 25-foot leap of faith. No, thank you. For something called "The Assassin's Creed Experience," it's certainly missing the stabby part—and I don't hear any sea chanties being sung either—but I get their meaning. It's certainly nice of them to leave off Assassin's Creed Unity's propensity for beheadings, too

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