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Navigate a world of infographics in Metrico

by: Jeff -
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If you have a pair of eyes and an internet connection (and I hope you do, otherwise how are you even reading this right now?), then you've seen your fair share of infographics crawl their way through your newsfeeds. Now that we have a constant stream of information at our disposal, it's difficult to make anything stand out in all of the noise. Infographics aren't anything new in the age of the internet, but they are perfect for grabbing your attention long enough to cram a few statistics in your brain and having you walk away with the vague impression that you just learned something.

Metrico is a platformer that has you traversing a world of infographics that respond to your every movement- like you're living inside of your own biometrics screening. Jumping on top of bar graphs that shrink with every leap, running to draw a line graph that takes you to the next area- every level has different rules that you'll need to figure out by traversing the landscape. It looks like it could be a fresh look at platforming where you take special consideration for the actions you normally take for granted.

Metrico is going to be a Vita exclusive that is set to release on the Playstation Network on August 5th in the US and August 6th in Europe.

*All infograpics linked in this article are used for the sole purpose of demonstration and were taken from dailyinfographic.com, which is a great site to check out if you are a fan of aesthetically-pleasing education.