Xbox One Pinball FX2 makes you start fresh

by: Jeremy -
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As Nathaniel pointed out yesterday, Zen Studios’ fantastic Pinball FX2 is finally making its way to the Xbox One platform in a few weeks. That, in itself, is good news. I am sure that there are plenty of gamers who purchased a ton of tables on their Xbox 360 are excited about being able to play their favorite tables on their shiny, new Xbox One. Well, they are in for a bit of a disappointment.

Yes, the pinball platform is coming to the Xbox One and yes, most of their favorite tables are going to be supported and available on the Xbox Marketplace. However, unlike nearly every other version of the title, cross buy support for your tables will not be supported. None of your previous purchases on the Xbox 360 will transfer to the new system. If you want to play your tables on your next generation console, you are going to have to buy them all over again.

Considering the precedent set with the Pinball FX platform on both the Sony and iOS platforms, it seems utterly ridiculous that cross buy support isn’t included in the Microsoft versions of the game. All that we are talking about is a simple data check of your account history on your Microsoft account, something that both the Xbox One and the 360 has access to by default. We aren’t talking about importing the exact data of the previous titles. The software would simply need to review your purchase history and either permit you to download the related items on the new platform or not. This isn’t rocket science and really comes across as a bit of greediness, especially considering that Zen is outright saying that they pushed for the support from the start.


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