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Get ready for the beta: Destiny app now available

by: Jeremy -
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If you are preparing for the Destiny beta, which kicks off tomorrow on the PS4, then Bungie is giving you a chance to gear up ahead of time. The Destiny companion application has been released to both the iTunes and Google Play app stores. Granted, there isn’t much that you can do with the app now, but you can have it ready to go when the gameplay begins tomorrow (or next week, depending on your system of choice).

The app will be a great second-screen resource that gives you real time access to your character and your gear. You can equip and change things in real time without having to bring up menus in the game. It will also track all of your stats and even missions. It really seems like the perfect companion to the Destiny experience. IGN did a nice walkthrough of the app earlier this week which you can check out in video form below: