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Next week's EVE Online: Crius update continues the industrial sector's overhaul

by: Randy -
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CCP Games' devs--the folks sitting at the desks, pounding out the code--go over the major changes coming during EVE Online's Crius update.

Crius is the second update in EVE's newly crunched update schedule. The first was Kronus, early last month. This schedule crunch shrunk the size of the old two-updates-per-year schedule, but increased the frequency to ten-or-so updates per year. Less content all at once, but more content at a faster rate.

Crius begins an overhaul of the industrial sector, the backbone of the EVE economy. There will now be:

- Dynamic price scaling
- New starbase boosts, arrays, and bonuses
- Teams of science and industry specialists to increase productivity
- Total UI overhal for reprocessing
- No cap on science and industry installations

EVE Online: Crius is a free update (they always are) going live July 22.