Season 2 of Mortal Kombat Legacy coming to DVD and Blu Ray this fall

by: Nathan -
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Season 2 of Mortal Kombat Legacy may have aired months ago, but for those like me, who are huge fans of Mortal Kombat, you will have something else to add to their collection soon. Just like the first season, season 2 will be coming to Blu Ray and DVD on October 14th. 

I am very excited about this because I am a huge Mortal Kombat fan and will buy anything related to the franchise. I have the first season on Blu Ray and was upset when the second season wasn't released on Blu Ray. I thought that they may have just decided to keep it online only, so I was thrilled when I read this news today. 

No word yet on prices or if any special features will be included in the DVD or Blu Ray.


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