2K Sports tracking Heat to Cavs migration in NBA 2K15

by: John -
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Well, this has been a great weekend for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Once considered unfathomable, the greatest player in the game has decided to go back home, leaving the Miami Heat and playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

As a lifelong Cavaliers fan going back to the days of Mark Price, Brad Daugherty, Larry Nance, and Ron Harper, I was pretty ecstatic on Friday when it was announced. The story has become a national feel good event and most of the fans in Cleveland seem to have forgiven the way he left back in 2010.

2K Sports, makers of NBA 2K15, is curious to see how many people who were predominantly Miami Heat players in NBA 2K14 will now switch to the Cleveland Cavaliers for NBA 2K15. They'll be tracking so this is going to be an interesting statistic when the game comes out in October. 

Too bad for me, Lebron was the cover athlete on last year's version. Kevin Durant is this year's and there's already talk about where he's going to go in 2016. Nevertheless, we'll see soon enough how far the Heat will fall in popularity in the gaming world when the game is released.