ArcheAge MMO's "sandpark" gameplay goes into closed beta this Thursday

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Korean-bred MMO ArcheAge begins closed-beta testing in North America on July 17. ArcheAge is a zoneless "sandpark," as described by developer, Trion Worlds. A sandpark, as they describe it, is somewhere between a sandbox and a themepark, taken in a gaming context.

April's trailer made the open-ended gameplay wildly apparent, while this newest trailer appeals to the adventurer in all MMO players. After some mildly awkward editing, we see a cat-eared coming-of-age character dream of greatness, and then stride out of her tent the next morning, ready to brave her way across the tastefully sculpted sandpark.

ArcheAge will be free-to-play, but becoming a Founder is the only way to guarantee closed-beta access—and it ain't cheap. It's somewhere in the neighborhood of $50 a month. It's coming from the people that built Lineage, however, so Trion Worlds knows a thing or two about MMO longevity.

Trion Worlds & XLGAMES' ArcheAge Enters Closed Beta July 17

Let the epic online adventures begin! Trion Worlds and XLGAMES' highly anticipated MMORPG ArcheAge will be entering closed beta beginning July 17 at 10am PDT.

Created by Jake Song, best known for his international online smash Lineage, ArcheAge is a vast MMORPG adventure, free from pre-defined paths and progression. Players can create unique and elaborate homes, build farms that drive the world economy, and sail their ships to uncharted lands where they can construct massive castles as they lay claim to rich and vibrant realms. ArcheAge??s PvP system allows players to fight for glory in huge battles on land and sea, or even shun the two factions and live the life of a pirate!

Beta (currently English language only) will begin July 17 at 10 am PDT and run through July 21 at 10 am PDT. Players can get guaranteed access to the Beta by becoming a founder: More info at
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