Kickstarter watch: Hatch-It! from MultivariousGames (an Ohio based game developer)

by: Chuck -
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Given that Gaming Nexus is mostly based in Ohio we like to support the local game development community which is why we're becoming fans of MultivariousGames who is using Kickstarter to fund their upcoming game Hatch-It!

In Hatch-It! you will attempt to save dinosaurs from extinction by hatching their eggs.  This is a bit tough as you are a frail, clumsy robot and the only way you can do so is by ramming your body against the eggs.  It sounds like an interesting concept and here's the team behind it describing the game and talking about the development process behind the game.  There is just over a week left in the Kickstarter so be sure to check it out and throw a little money their way.

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