Part two of Dragon Age: Inquisition's E3 demo will convert the nonbelievers

by: Randy -
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Mike Laidlaw, Creative Director for Dragon Age: Inquisition, narrates 14 more minutes of gameplay in this E3 Demo Part Two: Redcliffe Castle video.

The room is full of sophisticated, believable characters--and splashy spell effects.

There's plenty of both real-time and stop-time tactical combat. The stop-time makes great use of initiative, choke points, and missile fire coverage from higher ground. The player in this demo frequently switches between characters, like, every five seconds. Which is cool that it's an option, but who really plays that way?

Who's in your party unlocks (or locks away) certain encounters and opportunities. If you wait for it, you'll see questionable, jaw-dropping story-centric decisions you're capable of making.

These are richly detailed, though not particularly striking, set pieces. They're filling up every square inch of the canvas, sure, but not necessarily with memorable details. The gravity of the dialog and the weight of the situations, however, make up for all of that.

Dragon Age: Inquisition's October 7 launch date can't get here soon enough. A lot of Dragon Age II sins will be forgiven.