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EVO 2014: Raiden joins the Mortal Kombat X cast

by: Nathan -
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The Injustice grand finals just ended at EVO 2014 and Ed Boon took the stage to make a big announcement. Those speculated that it may be a new reveal for MKX and that was true as the Thunder God Raiden was confirmed as the next character joining the MKX cast. 

In the video we got to see all of Raidens variations including one where his move set and combos look very similar to those he had in Mortal Kombat 9. His finally variation looked very interesting and allows him to lay down storm traps. Raiden placed a bolt in front of him, a bolt above him and then they connected like a connect the dots drawing. Kotal Khan jumped into the lightning and was frozen in mid air. 

Finally we got to see Raiden's Fatality which involves him electrocuting the opponents head, their eyeballs popping out, the head flying in the air, and then Raiden launches a bolt of lighting at the head causing it to explode.