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EVO 2014: RG Sonic Fox is your Injustice champion

by: Russell -
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EVO 2014 has just crowned it's Injustice: Gods Among Us champion as RG Sonic Fox (Batgirl) came back from the loser's bracket to take down AK Pig of the Hut (Zod).

In a complete reversal from the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Grand Finals, Sonic Fox dominated the Injustice Grand Finals taking the first two games in quick fashion.  While the third round was a lot closer, Pig of the Hut just couldn't avoid a bracket reset as Sonic Fox repaid the favor of Pig sending him to losers just a few matches earlier.

The second set of "three out of five" started out the same way with Sonic Fox completely dominating the first two rounds.  Round three started off really well for Pig of the Hut as he took a big life game and almost the round, but a late round comeback saw Sonic Fox take the tournament in six straight rounds.

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