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Three new skins and a brand new god coming in the next SMITE patch

by: Nathan -
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The next SMITE patch is going to be a massive one and with it brings a brand new god, three brand new skins, new ward skins and other goodies as well.
First, we have Serquet, The Scorpion Queen, who will be a new Egyptican Assassins added to the game. Here is a quick run down of her abilities

Catalyst - Passive - Serqet's Basic Attacks apply Catalyst, which consumes her lingering Poisons. If the target is affected by two different poisons they are dealt 10% of their maximum health has physical damage. If affected by three different poisons they are dealt 20% of their maximum health has physical damage.

Deathbane - Serqet dashes three times from side to side, dealing 60/80/100/120/140 +30% of her Physical Power as damage, and applying Deathbane Poison to each enemy hit. This ability can critical hit, and Serqet is immune to knockup while dashing. Deathbane Poison reduces a target's physical protection by 25% for 3s, after which it remains in a lingering dormant state for 20s.

Cobra’s Kiss - Serqet launches her two blades forward, dealing 50/70/90/110/130 +40% of her physical power as damage and applying the Cobra's Kiss Poison. Cobra's Kiss Poison drives gods to madness for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2s, forcing them to attack nearby allies, dealing 50/60/70/80/90 +30% Physical Power scaling per basic attack hit, or walk harmlessly towards Serqet. After the madness, Cobra's kiss remains in a lingering dormant state for 20s.

Ambush - Serqet enters stealth, rooting herself in place. She may leap to a target location, dealing 80/140/200/260/320 +50% of her physical power as damage to enemies. She will stay hidden until she leaps or cancels this ability. Enemy gods within range 12.5 will reveal her.

Last Breath - Serqet leaps to an enemy, stunning them for 1s, applying the Last Breath poison, then pushing them 30 units away. The Last Breath poison deals 150/275/400/525/650 true damage over the next 5s, and prevents healing. If an enemy dies while infected with Last Breath, they will explode, applying the poison to all nearby enemies.

Next we have the three brand new skins. The new skins include Covert Ops Bastet and Elite Agent Apollo. Both Apollo and Bastet come out of the shadows from their covert missions and are really to throw down on the battlefield. These new skins are absolutely amazing and Apollo will get a overhaul to all his abilities as well. The skins can also be bought in a bundle to save some money. Separately, the Apollo skin will cost 600 gems, the Bastet skin 400 gems, and the special helicopter ward skin will cost 300 gems. If you buy them together in the bundle, you will get all three for only 900 gems, saving you 400 gems.

The final new skin is Swagni and is also amazing. You can check out photos of these new skins below.

All three of these skins all come with new voice packs as well.

The following loading cards are brand new or have been updated and you can see all of these beautiful new cards below.

  • "Northern Lights" Freya
  • "Majestrix" Aphrodite
  • "Stalker" Artemis
  • "Golden" Hercules
  • "Grand Slam Hercules"
  • "Golden" Janus

The new god rotation for this patch is Chang'e, Ares, Ah Muzen Cab, Osiris and Mercury.

Also, Hi-Rez has decided to extend their free gem promotion for this weekend as well. The more gems you buy, the more free ones you get added on top of that.

No word yet on the release of the patch but if it all goes well, I would expect it to hit the game this coming Wednesday.

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