EVO 2014: Maya returns to Killer Instinct this fall in Killer Instinct Round 2

by: Nathan -
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EVO is officially underway and that means a plethora of fighting game news will be released this weekend and the Killer Instinct team just dropped their first bit of news. Maya, the Amazonian warrior, will make her return to Killer Instinct: Round 2

The official Killer Instinct Facebook posted the this picture saying "Maya is coming". No footage or anything yet from her in game but I assume we will get a demo and a trailer sometime this weekend. 

I loved Maya from Killer Instinct 2 but I am shocked they revealed her this soon. I was totally expecting Cinder or another Killer Instinct 1 character to be revealed first. 

So as of now TJ Combo and Maya are both confirmed for Season 2. No word yet on a release date or price but I assume it will probably work the same way the first season did. 

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