The International 4 is officially underway

by: Sam -
More On: Dota 2

You may have heard about Valve's upcoming Dota 2 tournament with the $10million prize pool, and now it is officially underway. The International 4, which has actually been going on for awhile as the best teams in the world played off to get into the top 16, is now working on bringing that number down even further in preparation for the final bracket which begins on the 18th and runs through the 21st. That is when the top 8 will face off for a shot at 1st place. 

Still, while you wait for the big event be sure to watch the round robins going on right now! There are some great games today, and some great recordings of the previous day's games. The best game of the tournament so far (in my opinion) was Na'Vi US v iG, so go check it out at if you want to watch some of the best play of the tournament. 


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