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Gamma Void: Astroids meets Spore meets Build-A-Bear

by: Jeff -
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Space LEGOs were the best LEGO kits around when I was a kid. Well, the underwater ones came in close second because of the cool plants and animals- but the space LEGOs had way more ship parts. And a lot of them were transparent neon- because what wasn't neon in the 90s? Anyway, Gamma Void looks to be a game about making a ship LEGO-style, taking it out for a spin, shooting up bad guys, collecting ship parts, and adding said parts to your ship.

The gameplay looks a bit like the very first stage of Spore mixed with Asteroids. But unlike Spore, it's not making huge promises that it won't be able to deliver on- it's looking like it's just going to be a game about building cool ships and using them. I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on Gamma Void, but like most indie games that are coming out these days, it'll have to go through it's Kickstarter funding first. Gamma Void's campaign is set to launch in September, and the developer is hoping to release it 'sometime in late 2014'. In the meantime, you should look at some of the sweet gifs and development notes at Anisoptera Games website and their IndieDB page.