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Good news true believers! Smash Bros. is coming to San Diego!

by: Jeff -
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Remember that weird dream you had last week where you were playing Super Smash Brothers with Mara Jade, Hawkeye, and a Red Shirt? And after you won, you started gloating and throwing it in her face, but then Mara ruined it by saying "well, at least I'm not in my underwear" and you realized that she was right. And you were late for work. And then the aliens invaded.

Well, now you can (sort of) have your weird dreams come true! Provided that you are a) attending San Diego Comic-Con, and b) are planning on cosplaying as Brad Majors.

On July 25th, Nintendo will be hosting the first Super Smash Bros. 3DS tournament at SDCC. Sign up is first-come first-served on the day of the tournament, so make sure you get to the Nintendo Gaming Lounge early enough to get in. If you aren't going to SDCC this year, the tournament is going to be live-streamed on Nintendo's Twitch channel. And yes, you can still wear your Brad Majors costume, if you want.