Watch Midna kick some butt in the new Hyrule Warriors trailer

by: Nathan -
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Hyrule Warriors is the latest in the long running Dynasty Warriors spin off series that will hit the Wii-U this September and will feature characters from the Legend of Zelda series including Link, Zelda, Impa, and some weird choices like Agitha and Lana, whom I believe is a new character. In any case, Midna, everyones favorite from Twilight Princess is making a return as well and is the subject of the latest gameplay trailer for the game.

I loved Twilight Princess and Midna is one of the my favorite characters from the Zelda franchise, so I'm glad to see she is making a return. Personally I would love if we were able to play as Midna in her true human form as well. I also have to wonder how they are handling the character of this game. Say Midna in human form is in the game. Will she be a separate character? What about Zelda and Shiek? Could they be separate characters even though they are the same person? 

We will find out soon as Hyrule Warriors will release in North America on the Wii-U on September 26th. 

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