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The Destiny Beta begins July 17th! Limited editions also announced with details

by: Nathan -
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I think it's safe to say that Destiny is one of this years most anticipated games and while people have to wait for the full game to be released in September, Bungie and Activision are giving gamers who pre-ordered a chance to beta test the game in a few weeks.

The beta will begin first on Playstation 4 at 10:00am PDT on July 17th. The beta will begin on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 at 10:00am PDT on July 23rd. The beta will be down on July 21st and 22nd for maintenance and will stay up afterwards until the 

Also, Three different collector's editions of the game have also been revealed including the Destiny Ghost Edition and the Destiny Limited Edition. The Destiny Ghost Edition will retail for $149.99, the Limited Edition will retail for $99.99 and the Destiny Digital Guardian Edition will retail for $89.99. 

Both the Ghost Edition and the Limited Edition will include the following.

  • Limited edition SteelBook
  • Case and Game Disc
  • Guardian Folio:
  • Arms & Armament Field Guide
  • Postcards from the Golden Age
  • Antique Star Chart
  • Collector's Edition Digital Content Pack:
  • Unique Ghost Casing
  • Exclusive Player Emblem
  • Exclusive Player Ship Variant
  • Destiny Expansion Pass - expands the Destiny adventure post-launch with the following two expansions, which will include brand new story missions, cooperative activities and competitive multiplayer arenas, and a wealth of all new weapons, armor and gear to earn:
  • Expansion I: The Dark Below - Set deep beneath the surface of the Moon, fans will discover an ancient tomb that has been unsealed, and a dark god who has risen an evil army in the depths of the Hellmouth, the home of the Hive enemy race
  • Expansion II: House of Wolves - details will be revealed later
  • PlayStation platforms will also include additional exclusive content for Expansion I and II and will remain exclusive until at least Fall of 2015

The Destiny Ghost Edition will include the following additional content

  • Ghost replica, featuring motion-activated lights and voice recordings from award-winning actor
  • Peter Dinklage, voice of the Ghost character, the player's personal companion in the game
    Letter of Introduction
  • Golden Age Relics, which include a Photo, Patch, Sticker and two Chrome slides of the Traveler

Finally, Activision released a brand new trailer for the beta, which you can check out below.