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Buy the WWE 2K15 special edition and get a signed Hulk Hogan photo

by: Nathan -
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Still waiting on major details of WWE 2K15 but it looks like the WWE Games team is continuing the tradition of putting out a big special edition with bonuses.

In the past, superstars like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, and The Rock were the main superstars the special editions were based off of and would get you special in game content, dvd's, and signed photos.

This year it appears that the immortal Hulk Hogan may be the superstar gracing this years special edition as Hulk Hogan himself tweeted that he signed 25,000 photos that would be included in a special edition of the game. Check out the video below by Youtube user backyardgaming about the Tweet. 

This would make perfect sense seeing as Hulk Hogan made his big return to the WWE this year as the official host of Wrestle Mania 30.

Watcha gonna do, when Hulkamania and WWE 2K15 runs wild on you! Brother!

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