Team ok is making a game out of my favorite Samurai Jack fight scene

by: Jeff -
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If you were as big of a Samurai Jack fan as I was, you probably remember his black-and-white motif fight with the Shinobi Warrior. Team ok has decided to take that scene and make it into a PvP game for the 2014 Dare to be Digital competition. I haven't been this kind of excited since Samurai Jack was resurrected as a comic book by Jim ZubChambara will be a couch PvP game (similar to games like Towerfall, Samurai Gunn, and Nidhogg) where one player is the Raven samurai, and the other is the Dove. The levels are largely black and white, and each character blends in seamlessly with certain parts of the environment. They don't have a devlog at the moment, but you can go to their website and download the prototype. They've got five levels up so far and its a lot of fun, if a bit disorienting. They've got a long way to go (as of this writing, they've only been working on it for three weeks), so you should help them out by jumping in with a friend, killing each other, and sending team ok your feedback.

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