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Gods Will Be Watching just got real ugly, launches in three weeks

by: Randy -
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You are Sgt. Burden. And from the looks of things, Sarge, your situation has gotten a lot worse since we last played the single-stage demo of Gods Will Be Watching. Back then, when you were just a built-in-two-days minimalist entrant in Ludum Dare 26, there were some tough decisions to make. I'll admit that. Survival didn't come easy, if at all.

But things have gotten way dark, and I'm not just talking about the campfire going out. Let's start with this new video's teeth pulling. And the forced amputation. And the shooting hostages in the face. And the blood-puking andidotes. And the ripping-out-organs-through-the-chest autopsies. 

Seriously, bro. Prison changed you.

Gods Will Be Watching launches July 24, but is now available for preorder on Steam for 10 percent off. Or on GOG for 10 percent off plus GOG's new 30-day money back guarantee.

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