Hatsune Miku's American conquest spreads to the 3DS next year.

by: Matt -
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The Hatsune Miku phenomenon is showing no signs of slowing down in the west, and Sega of America has finally announced that the 3DS series, Project Mirai, will be coming to the states in 2015. Based off of Project Mirai 2, Hatsune Miku: Project MIRAI Remix (working title) will be the first release outside of Japan for the 3DS console. 

Featuring two different gameplay modes, one for touch gameplay, and one for button gameplay, and three difficulties for each song, the experience looks to be slightly different from the Playstation titles. The game will feature characters rendered in stereoscopic 3D to take advantage of the 3DS hardware. There's also extensive costumes, and room collections, similar to the Project Diva titles. In addition there is AR Card support, allowing for photo capabilities with your favorite Vocaloid characters. 

I recently picked up the PS Vita version of Project Diva F 2nd while in Japan, and thanks to the region lock on the 3DS I haven't been able to enjoy the 3DS versions of Sega's musical franchise. This news has me pretty excited, although that nebulous 2015 date has me hoping that it'll be earlier in the year rather than later. Regardless, more Hatsune Miku news is always good in my book.

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