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The DualShock 4 controller can now be used on a PlayStation 3 wirelessly

by: John -
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If you're still rocking the PlayStation 3 console and have a DualShock 4 controller, you can now pair the two up. Up until yesterday, you had to plug the DualShock 4 controller into the PlayStation 3 in order to use it. Sony has released a little update to bypass that, as found by a reddit user.

Now, it won't support things such as rumble and some games won't even work with it. That being the case, I wouldn't pitch any of your PS3 controllers just yet and let's hope Sony continues to improve on the support for this feature. 

To get it working, follow these steps as outlined by the reddit poster:

  • Under "Accessory Settings", select "Manage Bluetooth Devices"
  • Select "Register New Device" then start scanning
  • While the PS3 is scanning, press and hold the share button and PS button on the DS4 at the same time until it starts blinking
  • The PS3 should then see the controller from there. The DS4 is going to show up as a "Wireless Controller"
  • Once selected, the registration is complete
  • Pressing the PS button on the DS4 now will turn the controller on, the LED will light up white while it's on